Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tiensten disqualified from Parliament

Controversial Pomio MP Paul Tiensten has been disqualified by Speaker Jeffrey Nape after he missed three consecutive seatings of the Papua New Guinea Parliament: Aug 9, Sept 6, Sept 20 and Sept 21.
Marshalls forcefully removed Tiensten after he refused to leave his chair.
 Madang Governor, Sir Arnold Amet,  said that was a misintepretation of the Constitution, however, Parliament has been adjourned to 10am tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Sir Arnold's law firm is taking up Tiensten's court case through Arnold Amet Jr. Interesting now, maybe the Sr should resign from politics and take the matter himself as a law man using his expertise. Nobody respects both MPs in any way because of their stupid actions. They are truely laughing stocks of today's politics.