Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sam Basil reflects on the ‘oppressive’ 9 years under National Alliance

National Planning and Monitoring Minister Sam Basil today called on Papua New Guineans not to be quick to forget nine years of oppressive, manipulative and back-stabbing regime under National Alliance.

 Basil said that the people must not allow National Alliance Party to think they are suffering from memory loss or amnesia on their antics while in power.

 "Their nine-year reign was an oppressive, manipulative and back-stabbing time for MPs aligned with them.

 "It is common knowledge – and well-documented in press publications and broadcasts, parliamentary Hansard and court files just how twisted and evasive their regime was," Basil said.

 "Start with the Julian Moti case in which directions from the Prime Minister's Office resulted in breaking multi-laws – domestic as well as international."

 "Look at the way NA swept under the carpet allegations of PNG Cabinet Ministers' involvement in the Taiwan diplomatic scandal in which money changed hands.

 "Look at how they kept manipulating the Speaker to gag debate on pertinent issues in Parliament and their bulldozing of then Attorney General and Justice Minister Dr Allan Marat to sign off on a legal and highly technical heads of agreement on gas – a new industry and venture in PNG.

 "Millions of kina has been paid out to appease landowners in the gas wells and economic corridor without following proper procedures.

 "Note also the way NA MPs tried to delay facing Leadership Tribunals through the courts only to find that their delays had no substance and the then Prime Minister was found guilty of misconduct in office."

Basil said that with that kind of track-record in governance, what sort of regime can PNG expect if they are returned to power.

 "Look at the way they have been panting for power since they were thrown out: instead of forming an effective opposition and keeping the O'Neill-Namah Government accountable and transparent, they are going around calling themselves Ministers still," Basil said.

 "I feel sorry for those who might want to re-join NA after breaking ranks with them to join us to oust them from power. You may be courted now but you will be mercilessly and drastically struck down if they secure power."

 Reiterating his earlier comments, Basil said: "MPs and political parties  who joined wih Peoples National Congress and PNG Party to form the O'Neill-Namah Government are not blind and deaf.

 "They know and are mindful of the reasons they broke ranks with an NA-led regime. No great transformation has changed any of the key NA players behind the mooted change. 

 "They are the same and the same fate awaits any naïve enough to empower them.

 "The gap has been created for the new generation of leaders to take this country forward.  One or two steps back will only allow the old guards to repeat their old ways of doing things.

 "If Sam Abal cannot be the Opposition Leader then I call on the likes of  Francis Potape,  Isaac Joseph,  James Marape, Fidelis Semoso or other young and vibrant leaders from the Opposition to take control just like what we did when we were in the opposition.

 "The world doesn't end with the old guard. We young, vibrant and visionary leaders must prove our worth and rise up whether in Opposition or in Government. We owe it to our voters back home to perform to the best of our ability."

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