ALL students in Lae will not return to classes today as expected by the Morobe provincial administration, The National reports.
Although they had been urged to resume after the week of violence, many teachers from secondary schools in the city said they still feared for the safety of their students.
The schools in the insecure area of the conflict between Morobeans and highlanders, Bumayong, will definitely not resume, teachers said yesterday.
In another hot zone, Hunter, the Busu Secondary School’s deputy principal of academic Lupain Phillips, said the Grade 12 graduation scheduled for Wednesday had been deferred “until further advice”.
Late yesterday, Bumayong Secondary school teachers said they would not return to classes.
“The students feel that their safety is not guaranteed,” a teacher said.
“Added to that, the PMV buses are not running up this way.”
Primary schools in the surrounding areas including those at Telikom College and Tent City would also remain closed.
One of the major problems is that the  Grade 8 students should be sitting for their national examinations this week.
A teacher said that exams for all Grade 8s in Morobe should be deferred to next week, when the situation was expected to return to normal.