Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ramu Sugar ignites fire to set production rolling

Ramu Agri Industries Ltd (RAIL) yesterday (Monday) lit the fires in its sugar factory boilers, signalling the end of the six-month maintenance season and the beginning of the 2012 sugar cane harvest season, The National reports.

Long-serving employee of 30 years, Buti Sakama Lights up Boiler 2.

With the boilers now lit, a traditional ceremony practised each year, Ramu Sugar production starts today, Tuesday, May 15, 2012
The ceremony was witnessed by management and sugar factory staff alike, marking the culmination of much hard work on everyone’s part and as always a proud moment for all involved.
Head of technical services, Tom Hare thanked all staff for collaborating well with management in ensuring the boilers and the factory had been made ready for the coming season.
He said the task of preparing for production was always a busy period for everyone and the tireless effort that went into ensuring that the factory was ready reflected the commitment of each and every staff member.
General manager Jamie Graham told factory staff: “Without your collaboration and team work, none of this would be possible.
“It is as a result of your hard work and effort that we have come to this day again.”
Yesterday was a special day for Buti Sakama, who has been with the company for the last 30 years.
He is a long-serving employee with the factory department.
Sakama started with Ramu Sugar Ltd in 1982 at the very beginning of the sugar factory operations and worked his way up to the position of boiler supervisor, from which he will retire at the end of 2012.
Graham and Sakama were then given the privilege to each light a boiler to ceremonially announce the upcoming harvest season.

RAIL general manager Jamie Graham lights up Boiler 1.-Pictures courtesy of RAIL
A blessing was bestowed upon the staff and the company for a bountiful harvest by Pastor Angap Moses.

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