Monday, October 13, 2008

Zero tolerance

Caption: Wau-Bulolo mayor Jack Nawie (left) with Bulolo MP Sam Basil in Upper Watut… ‘zero tolerance’ of crime in Wau and Bulolo.

Wau-Bulolo mayor Jack Nawie has sent a blunt warning to criminal elements that there will be “zero tolerance” of crime in these two towns.

He said the two historical gold mining towns were again experiencing a boom in mining and exploration activities and their “cowboy town” tags must be disposed of to attract more investment.

“As the manager of these two towns, I will not tolerate these criminal acivities any more,” Mr Nawie said.

“There will be ‘zero tolerance’ of criminal activities.

“As manager of these towns, I want companies to come and invest here.

“We don’t want the ‘cowboy town’ image of Wau and Bulolo to come back and haunt us.

“We will work closely with all companies already here and those who want to come in as they are bringing services and we want to support them.

“I also want to raise the level of the two towns from Urban Level 2 to Urban Level 1 because of the current boom in mining and exploration.

“I will work closely with Bulolo MP Sam Basil and the other LLG presidents to push for development in these two towns.”

Mr Nawie is orginally from East Sepik but, like many others, was born and raised in Bulolo and calls it “home”.

“This is my town and this is my place,” he said.

“My heart lies where I was born.”


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