Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Top businessman murdered in Port Moresby

One of Port Moresby leading businessmen Sir George Constantinou was murdered by criminals in Port Moresby yesterday.

The 78-year-old tycoon was killed along Nigibata Road in Gerehu, next to the Tete settlement, as he was leaving his timber yard.

He owned several businesses including Airways Hotels and Apartments, Hebou Constructions (PNG) Limited, Rouna Quarries, and NTS Timber among others in Port Moresby and around the country.

  • More details to come



  1. I am totally shocked, saddened and disgusted at the senseless killing of a prominent PNGan. Someone who has contributed immensely to nation-building while some cockroach and parasites can just take his life away just like that.

    Tete settlement should be made a desert. More innocent and prominent lives will be lost if we/govt continue to tolerate settlements like Tete.

    There should be no ultimatum whatsoever. The police should just move in, kick out everybody and burn the whole place down.

    Totally disgusted.

    May Sir George Constantinou rest in peace.

  2. I totally agree with you skantha. Tete Settlement has the lowest life scum of Papua New Guinea who must be eradicated if this country is to move ahead.

  3. Anonymous10:18 AM

    It is a very sad day. Our thoughts are with him.

  4. Anonymous2:10 PM

    No words can express the bitterness, frustration and sadness I'm feeling. Tete settlement should be eradicated. For a person who has contributed to the employment of PNGans this act is uncalled for.

  5. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Shocking.Brutal. Barbaric. Hideous. Words cannot express my anguish especially for an elderly citizen who has made monumental contribution through business and employment over a period of 54 years in PNG. Sir George was a statesman, a philanthropist and a hard worker who earned every toea he made by sheer sweat and toil. The very fabric of PNG society where respect for the defenceless elderly is a sacred treasured cornerstone of our more than 800 different ethnic cultures is being destroyed by greed, disrespect, lawlessness, disorientation and plain stupidity. We have a generation of "sickos and psychos" conveniently hiding among peaceful, law-abiding citizens. Clean out this low life scum swiftly by any heavy-handed means possible.