Friday, November 11, 2011

Agiru warns of another crisis


SOUTHERN Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru says the suspension of the chief justice by the government has created yet another constitutional crisis, The National reports.
“If it is true that the chief justice has been suspended, it is yet another constitutional crisis. There is clear separation of powers under the Constitution,” he said yesterday.
Agiru said the appointment and removal of judges were clearly spelt out in the Constitution.
“The acting prime minister and his cabinet should not be interfering with the work of the judiciary.
“If there are any allegation against the chief justice or for that matter any other judges, then due process must apply.
“It is a very sad day for Papua New Guinea as we are setting a very bad precedent.”
Agiru said the citizens had a right to echo their concerns over such acts by government.
He warned that PNG must not go down the path of many African and Latin American countries cautioning that history did repeat itself.
“The acting prime minister, while the prime minister is away, has again created a constitutional crisis.
“The National Executive Council does not have any powers to suspend any judges.
“The citizens have a right to protest such decisions by politicians drunk with power.”

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