ANOTHER evil action by this illegal government was how former acting prime minister Sam Abal described yesterday’s purported sacking of the chief justice, The National reports.
He said the O’Neill-Namah Government seemed set on bringing Papua New Guinea to its knees by its disregard of the law and judicial system.
“They broke the Constitution and they are quickly trying to cover up for that error by sacking the chief justice as he and four other judges are about to hand down their decision on the election of Peter O’Neill as prime minister,” Abal said in a statement.
“In our 36 years of independence we have had government changes but never has the
integrity of our judges been questioned except by this government and this cannot be allowed to continue.
“The people must rise to make their views known to the government to reverse this insane decision.
“It makes a laughing stock of PNG in the international community; we have taken a couple of steps down by interfering with our judiciary.
“We have lost the sacrosanct of this valuable institution by this action and brought PNG’s name into disrepute.”
Abal said the leaders were mandated by the people therefore they must act responsibly, not recklessly with decisions.
“What right does Belden Namah and others in government have to blatantly destroy the foundation of PNG, beginning with the Constitution and now meddling with the head of the judiciary?”