Thursday, November 13, 2008

Top of the charts

Who’s the top dawg of them all?

 Check out Rob@PNG’s listings of the top PNG websites and I think some very important pointers for successful blogging and on how he hit No.1 on Alexa’s rankings.

Could this be the end for online newspapers?



  1. Anonymous5:11 PM


    Thanks for the plug and hope the Media Conference went well.

    The days of Newspapers might very well numbered but good writers and journo's will always be in demand!

    PNG Bloggers Gathering for 2009?


  2. The media conference went very well and Emmanuel and I had lots of beer, wine and food with participants last night.

    We are in high demand now to speak to journalism students on blogs and websites.

    I will push for a PNG Bloggers gathering for 2009.