Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ex-Miss PNG fights pornography claims

One arrested at city mall during bid to blackmail TVpresenter

DETECTIVES arrested a 23-year-old man in a mall while attempting to extort money and sex from TV journalist and former Miss PNG Antonia Singut in Port Moresby on Saturday, police said in a statement yesterday, The National reports.

A Martin Wojeiba, of Rosun village, Manus, was arrested and charged with possessing pornographic materials.

According to Singut, numerous threats had been received by her and her immediate family since February.

The threats related to allegations that Singut had been involved in a pornographic video and that callers wanted money from her.

She said yesterday the allegations were the work of people trying to defame her standing in the public.

She said: "I strongly refute these allegations.

Singut said: "As a former Miss PNG and TV presenter, as well as a role model in the community, I am mindful of my activities and whom I associate with.

"Such malicious allegations contradict the Christian values I stand for and the upbringing my parents have instilled in me."

She said it all started when a caller claimed he had in his possession a video tape of her and her boyfriend.

"I told him he was wasting my time as I had not participated in any activities of the sort," she said.

Singut said her family had been greatly affected as a result. 

Father, Brian Singut, denied his daughter's involvement.

"It is very sad that our children have to grow up in this cruel world," he said, expressing concern about his daughter's security. 

"By God's grace, my family has survived this ordeal for the past four to five months ... from sick human beings with malicious intent to destroy my daughter's reputation," he said.

Singut filed a police complaint after receiving malicious telephone calls and emails accusing her of taking part in a pornographic video tape.

Officer-in-charge of the sexual offence squad Tinol Pakiapon said the woman in the sex tape "is not Singut".

He said anyone caught circulating malicious rumours or attempting to blackmail or extort money from the victim would be arrested.

Pakiapon said the suspect was caught by police inside the Vision City Mega Mall.

Unaware of the police sting, the suspect met and showed her the video on his phone while demanding K500 as well as sex.

"He was quickly overpowered and arrested by policemen in civilian clothing who had arrived earlier in the shopping complex," he said.

Pakiapon said the suspect faced further charges relating to attempted blackmail and extortion.

Another man of mixed Filipino and Central parentage was only warned after police could not find the tape in his possession.

Police are trying to locate a woman identified as Louisa Hainter, who allegedly posted defamatory remarks against Singut on the social network Facebook.

Pakiapon is appealing to anyone who may know the whereabouts of Hainter to contact the sexual offences squad at the Boroko police station on 324 4257.


  1. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Louisa Hainter uses this name on Facebook: Nieramues Laluan Bubu

    Photos of her can be accessed on this link:

    You have to be logged in to Facebook to see her photos by the way.



  2. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Louisa Hainter also works at Stocks & Partners at Ela Beach Tower..Not sure if she still works there.She must have deactivated her facebook account as it is no longer available!

  3. Feed us PNGeans (most) with any rubbish and we can still believe without any thought of checking out the facts. Very sad that the Singut family have to go through this.

  4. I feel bad n send my sympathy to bro Brian Singut

  5. PNG very "sick' in society. This has to be stopped.

    By PNG News

  6. Those people who are responsible for this are plain cowards. They've damaged one's reputation furthermore such Fraudulent pictures and information is going viral in Social Sites esp. Facebook. Our Very own Friends, Brothers, Sisters, Daughter and Sons are the victims of such Nasty Acts. We should be protected against such evil minded crooks. They should be severely dealt with.