Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From a land of milk and honey

Caption: Milk, eggs, cream and yoghurt produced by EBC Farm at 6-Mile, Lae.-Picture by MALUM NALU




Not many people may know that a farm just outside Lae has for years been supplying the city with fresh dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt.

It proves that Lae, and Papua New Guinea for that matter, is truly a land of milk and honey, as visitors to the recent NARI Agricultural Innovations Show found out.

Apart from these, the Evangelical Brotherhood Church (EBC) Farm at 6-Mile along the Highlands Highway also supplies fresh eggs, chicken, cattle, pigs and other livestock to residents of Lae.

The EBC was founded in 1974 in cooperation with the Swiss Evangelical Brotherhood Mission and one of its main activities to help spread the Word of God is through teaching young people about farming, which it does successfully at 6-Mile.

"We sell our dairy products on the farm at 6-Mile as well as supermarkets and hotels," says sales representative Charles Mark.

"We supply Melanesian Hotel, Lae International Hotel, Huon Gulf Motel, Yacht Club, bakeries, Papindo 8/6, Papindo Eriku, Pelgens, Andersons Foodland, Food Mart and others.

"At the farm, we have chicken, cows and pigs.

"We also have fish."

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