Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guava woman of Lae

 Edith Babul displaying Indian guavas at her stall at the recent NARI Agricultural Innovations Show in Lae.-Picture by MALUM NALU
One of the most-popular stalls at the recent NARI Agricultural Innovations Show was that of woman farmer, Edith Babul, who runs Ngalonzua Farm at 16-Mile along the Highlands Highway outside Lae.
Her Indian guavas, some of them as big as young coconuts, sold like hot cakes on the day.
"I started my farm in 1992," Babul says.
"In 1995, I started growing Indian guavas, having my first harvest in 2000; however, I thought the demand wasn't there, so I only sold at Munum market.
"After that, I started selling at the main market in Lae, and now I have contracts with Papindo, Food Mart, Payless, Coronation school and some other Asian supermarkets.
"Business is going so well that I've also gone into oranges, water melons and soursop – a natural cure for cancer – which I supply on a regular basis to Angau hospital.
"I'm also into livestock like pigs, ducks and chickens."
Babul, a member of PNG Women in Agriculture, urges women to get into farming rather than sitting around gambling, chewing betelnut and wasting time.
"Farming is much better than sitting around doing nothing, gambling, etc," says the former Coral Sea Hotels' employer, originally from Northern province, but married to a local man.
"I now have 4,000 guava trees.
"Now I'm working for myself."

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  1. Georgina5:44 PM

    I'm impressed by the success story of this amazing and determined woman who untilised her natural talent to improve her standing of living and a better future. Well done!