Monday, May 16, 2011

Transparency International PNG: Parliamentarians must do their job

One of the core responsibilities of a Member of Parliament is to make laws and oversight the executive.

And these things happen in Parliament.

 In a Supreme Court ruling (Supreme Court Reference No.3 of 1993), the Court handed down the decision that the Parliament has a duty to sit, in principle, a minimum of 63 days each parliamentary year.

 Whilst acknowledging the Parliament's attempt to meet for a full three weeks for the next three months to achieve the minimum 63 sittings defined within a calendar year, Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) is concerned that Parliament are not abiding by the ruling of the Supreme Court and furthermore the Constitution as stipulated under Section 124.

 "In the past four years, Parliament has failed to sit the required minimum number of sitting days, and one can wonder if the 63 sitting days would be achieved this year," it says. 

"A backlog of work and outstanding national priority agendas remain unresolved may be a result of insufficient legislative activities.

"Parliament, through the office of the Speaker, should come out publicly and explain to the citizens of Papua New Guinea their reasons for not sitting the required number of days.

"Questions may then be raised on the consequence of Parliament breaching a clear court ruling."

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