Friday, May 13, 2011

Ramu beef aims to supply whole nation



RAMU Premium Beef (RPB), a division of the diversified Ramu Agro-Industry Ltd (RAIL) is setting the pace in quality premium beef production, The National reports.

Having set the pace, RAIL through RPB is looking at supplying the entire domestic market with tasty and quality premium beef.

"We have the potential to supply the entire domestic market and feed meat-hungry Papua New Guineans," RPB farm manager Marcel Eno told The National in Gusap last week.

"Our ultimate goal is to produce quality beef for our customers.

"In order to be what you want it to be, you have to look after it (referring to cattle).

 "And that is where we come in and put more emphasis on," Eno said.

As part of the new approach after recommendation from feasibility studies, RPB has emphasised on new breeding by cloning in which quality sperms are collected from healthy bulls and fertilise with quality eggs from cows.

Eno explained that by getting the best breed means quality beef.

He said to sustain the quality, RAIL had improved its pastures by preserving the harvested sorghum plants in the event that there was insufficient pastures for cattle to feed.

Eno said by the end of the year, RPB is projected to slaughter 20,000 cattle that will be supplied to the domestic market.

He said the company's focus was on producing quality and not quantity just sufficient enough for its domestic markets.

Currently, there are 1,200 cattle on the feedlot ready to be taken to the abattoir for slaughtering.

He said before sending cattle from the feedlot to the abattoir for slaughtering, it had to weigh more between 350kg and 400kg.

RPB abattoir manager Jerry Sei said: "Our customers like the quality beef that we produce. It is very tender and meaty that our customers favor our beef.

"To meet our customers' taste and preference, we have maintained and improved the quality."

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