Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Namah is leader of opposition



THE member for Vanimo-Green and PNG Party leader, Belden Namah, is the new opposition leader, The National reports.

He replaced Sir Mekere Morauta, who is Moresby Northwest MP.

Sir Mekere, a former prime minister and founder of PNG Party, declared Namah as the new opposition leader.

Member for Bulolo Sam Basil is deputy opposition leader.

Basil recently joined PNG Party after leaving People's Progress Party with Anglimp-South Waghi MP Jamie Maxtone-Graham.

PNG Party comprised 11 members of parliament.

Other parties in opposition are New Generation with two MPs, People's Progress Party (3), Melanesian Liberal (2), PNG Labour Party (1) and two independents.

Sir Mekere said his decision to relinquish the leadership of the opposition "is occasioned by the changes to the make-up of the opposition and the leadership change in PNG Party".

He said he was proud to give young people the opportunity to rule.

Outgoing deputy opposition leader Bart Philemon said the time for him and Sir Mekere was over and that young, vibrant leaders should take over and lead.

"Today marks an end to the old guard and the beginning of a new guard to keep parliamentary democracy vibrant and alive to serve the interests of the 6.7 million people by keeping checks and balances on the government," he said.

"It is important to groom a young breed of leaders and to allow them to take an active role in leading."

Philemon said he had enjoyed the past four years helping Sir Mekere.

He said they would take the back stage and support their young vibrant and energetic leaders to take up the fight where they had left off.

Namah said he was challenged when the party, MPs and the parties in the opposition decided that he should lead.

He said the decision by Sir Mekere to hand over the party leadership was tough but an honourable thing to do.

He thanked the senior members of the opposition and the young leaders for having trust in his leadership.

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