Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Board closes Lae schools


SCHOOLS in Lae have been suspended indefinitely following fights that have erupted in pockets of the city since last Thursday, The National reports.
The provincial education board on Monday decided to stop classes until normalcy returns to the city.
Provincial education advisor Murika Bihoro said more than 20,000 students at all levels, elementary to Grade 12, had been advised to remain home until further notice.
Bihoro said Grade 8 students would be sitting for their examinations next week and hoped no further trouble would erupt.
Fighting on the streets began last Thursday near the Lae market, with another starting at the provincial government and administration headquarters at Top Town.
On Friday, fighting spilled over to the Malahang back road areas and Bumayong.
Six people have died as a result, with the last casualty, an adult male, killed on Monday at Bumayong.
Extra police from Port Moresby have been called in to keep the situation under control.
While business is cautiously returning to normal, tensions remain.

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