Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Youths promise to quit marijuana


MORE than 90 youths from Minj district in Jiwaka, Western Highlands, publicly declared last Friday that they had quit smoking marijuana, The National reports.
The youths declared in public they would refrain from engaging in other criminal activities from now on.
The surrender programme was organised by the Lose Hope Youth group from Minj, an initiative of a youth group to help change the lives of their peers.
During a ceremony held at the Minj road junction, many councillors, village chiefs and other people were pleased with the programme initiated by the youth group.
They said drug abusers caused many social problems in their communities but they were now happy that many of those users had quit their bad habits.
Youth group chairman, Bata Kip Ape said the youths decided to do away with their drug habit “is to find a better way of life”.
Ape said they saw that the government was not doing anything to help them and that was why they were trying to find ways to help themselves and live a good life.
He said their local MP and Health Minister Jamie Maxtone-Graham did not want to support his group.
He said the important thing was they managed to change some drug addicts and showed them the way to live a
good life and contribute meaningfully to the developments in the district.
Ape said youths were the backbone of the nation’s development and he urged the government to provide help so that together they could change the lives of the youths involved in bad habits

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