Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Drunk soldiers attack innocent doctor in Port Moresby

Drunk PNG Defence Force soldiers attacked an innocent doctor in Port Moresby last Saturday.
This is the latest episode of an army which makes war against its own people, and in a year in which the country is hosting APEC
Port Moresby General Hospital Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Training Registrar Dr Dean Wahembari, was attacked by a group of soldiers, one of which he has identified as Desmond Dusava.
National Doctors' Association president Dr James Naipao has written to NCD Police Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N'Dranou complaining about the brutality.
The letter has also been sent to PNGDF Commander Gilbert  Toropo, Police Commissioner Gari Baki, Health Secretary Pascoe Kase, Port Moresby General Hospital CEO Dr Umesh Gupta, and doctors throughout the country.
Naipao, who is also Chief ENT Surgeon of Department of Health, wants the soldiers responsible to be arrested and charged.
Naipao said last Saturday Wahembari, after attending to inpatients at Port Moresby General Hospital,  drove to North Waigani after picking his wife to pick up their son at a friend’s house.
"By 6.30pm, Dr Wahembari drove and parked his car next to his colleague’s house gate," Naipao said.
"He could hear noise and people talking from the neighboring house.
"After five minutes, a group of people numbering six or so that were in that neighboring house, walked up to the doctor’s front gate where Dr Wahembari was standing to pick up his son.
"All started throwing punches at him.
"At Dr Wahembari’s surprise, he knew one of the person that attacked him.
"His name is Desmond Dusava, who is a private soldier in the Defence Force.
" Dr Wahembari asked Desmond why he was punching him, however, this group who were intoxicated from alcohol kept throwing punches and dragged him to the main road, punched him down and started kicking him with solid boots.
"The last he could remember is a bottle being smashed into his head.
"He become unconscious only to awoken with continuous slapping with sandals and boots to his face.
"Dr Wahembari’s wife tried her best telling this group to stop but the kicking and the punching continued.
"Whilst continuing the attack, Dr Wahembari overheard Desmond mentioning something about his late father - Otto Dusava -  who was managed by ENT Team at Port Moresby General Hospital.
"Dr Wahembari got to his feet bleeding from his face and with the help of his colleague’s father, he was taken inside his colleague’s residence.
" For a while, he was imprisoned there unable to go to the hospital and seek police help because of continuous threats and use of obscene languages by Desmond and his mob.
"At around 8.30pm, a police dog unit arrived at the scene but the policemen in that vehicle knew the mob so did nothing. "Dr Wahembari later called a policeman who arrived in an unmarked operational police vehicle and helped him to his vehicle.
"He took Desmond to Waigani Police Station around 9.30pm.
"While at the police station, Desmond kept threatening Dr Wahembari and his wife.
"He (Desmond) thinks that his late father was mismanaged by the ENT Team at Port Moresby General Hospital.
"Dr Wahembari from Waigani Police Station was rushed to Port Moresby General Hospital that night, and he is currently admitted at the hospital with trauma to his right eye with loss of vision, has fracture of the nose, and has global headache.
"The names of the mob are known by Dr  Wahembari, and these names have been given to police.
"The five are soldiers who were in civilian clothes when they attacked Dr Wahembari. "The sixth person is at large.
"Desmond was, however, released that night.
"Why did police did that?
"NCD Metropolitan Superintendent-Perou N’Dranou, the attack on the doctor seems premeditated and it was about to happen anytime, and it did.
"The complainant Dr Wahembari has laid the complaint with police, witnesses have written their statements and the suspects names have been identified except for one. "These suspects needed to be rounded up, charged and brought before the courts. "They do not deserve to serve the PNG Defence Force.
"If Desmond was not satisfied with how his late father’s case was managed by the ENT Team at Port Moresby General Hospital, then there are proper ways to handle this case than how he and his mob went about attacking the doctor.
"Dr Wahembari is my Training Registrar and the final decision on how his late father Otto Dusava’s case was managed rests on the lead team head which was me.
"His father presented with stage 4 cancer of the tongue, which was extensive and inoperable.
"Even chemoradiation treatment wouldn’t have cured it.
"He was palliatively managed.
"He went to Philippines for palliative chemoradiation.
"He returned and got admitted to the intermediate ward at Port Moresby General Hospital and was still managed palliatively until he passed on.
"Should Desmond blame the ENT Team for his father’s late presentation?
"That is not ENT’s fault.
"Desmond’s rage and attack on the innocent doctor is uncalled for.
" Police must apprehend this mob and let them tell the court why they did what they did.
"The ENT Staff at Port Moresby General Hospital is also wary that this uncanny thug Desmond may be on the lookout for them too.
"Dr Dean Wahembari is a member of the National Doctors Association."
The demand of the National Doctors Association is:
  • Desmond Dusava and the five be arrested and brought to court. This must be done within 10 days starting May 22;
  •  PNG Defence Force to assist apprehend the five soldiers and hand over them to police.

Failure to arrest Desmond and the five would result in the following:

  • Stopwork by Port Moresby General Hospital ENT staff; 
  • Stopwork by Port Moresby General Hospital staff; and
  • Stopwork by National Doctors' Association membership nationwide
Naipao said their demands would stand "until this mob is dealt with by the force of the law".

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