Monday, May 14, 2018

PNG foreign minister confirms visit of Russian naval vessel

Papua New Guinea Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Rimbink Pato has confirmed the visit of a Russian naval vessel this week.
He said in a statement yesterday that the visit by Russian naval cadets was a "pre APEC gesture".
"In a pre-APEC gesture of friendship, the Government of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea will welcome the visit of some 200 young people from the Russian Federation," Pato said.
"At a meeting of APEC officials from a variety of member economies this month, Papua New Guinea arranged to host a crew of cadets learning about naval traditions and practices.
"The cadets are on a training tour through four oceans which includes visits to a range of foreign ports."
Pato said the cadets were scheduled to arrive in Port Moresby on Wednesday,  May 16 and depart on Saturday, May 19.
"While in Papua New Guinea they will learn about local culture and customs," he said.
"The cadets are travelling aboard the Perekop training ship, a 138-metre naval vessel
commissioned more than 40 years ago.
"It carries only basic armaments.
"The visit is the first of a range of visits by APEC members in the lead up to the APEC Leaders' Summit in November.
“We welcome youth from all APEC member economies prior to -- and during -- this great event for our country.
“This is not a formal port visit by the Russian Navy but rather a goodwill visit for young people, arranged at a convenient time with so many able to come to our country at once.
“Naturally, we have informed the Australians, our major security partner and close
neighbour, and advised them of the nature of the visit.
“As is usual with our friends and ally, the Australians welcome our attempts to draw
attention to the forthcoming APEC summit, and they support our efforts to cultivate
friendship and understanding among the youth of APEC nations.”

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