Sunday, May 20, 2018

Phillipines President Duterte welcomes stronger ties with PNG

Address by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte at the State Dinner in Manila, 16 May 2018:

Today in our meetings, I have seen the true spirit of friendship and cooperation, having agreed to work together on matters of mutual interest, particularly in increasing an environment of trade and investment, and further strengthening the very important agricultural and fisheries sectors.

Tonight we have strengthened the foundations of mutual respect, not only at the official level, but more at a personal level.
The 35,000 Filipinos living and working in PNG and the hundreds of PNG citizens studying in the Philippines are living truth of friendship that we aim to strengthen in the the years to come.
The Philippines have further deepened our engagements in PNG as we support PM O'Neill's Chairmanship of this year's APEC Leaders Summit.
I am truly honoured for this evening's occassion, as this is your first official visit to the Philippines.
Today will reaffirm this relationship as we celebrate this opportunity to build on from strength to strength.
Today marks a new chapter where we chart a new destiny as sovereign states.

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