Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sorry David Baker

 I am sorry. In the last week there has been speculation. As I person who has trekked Kokoda, several people have asked my opinion. The newspapers have got the basic facts out of kilter.
 The people I sent the email to were PNG journalists who I was trying to give a clearer picture to. The newspapers do not have the very basic facts.
 The aircraft flew down but the pilot aborted. Several PNG people tell me of the rain and cloud. Between aborting of the flight in the usual place for aircraft and the sighting of the aircraft, the aircraft was up
the Eora Creek gorge.
 The pilot would have entered the gorge in the cloud and rain. So now the journalists have a basic understanding. Again I am sorry that you have been angry. We now wait for the official investigation for the
full details.
 History of aircraft accidents in this country finds many such terrible tragedies. There are people in this country who have lost loved ones in the accident. I only tried to help. Several villagers from the area
have talked to me.
Bruce Copeland


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