Sunday, August 16, 2009

New comment on "Some possible explanation of the crash"

Steve Bennett has left a new comment on your post "Some possible explanation of the crash":

I attempted to fly to Kokoda in May of last year in a twin otter with a female pilot. She taxied to the runway at Jacksons and then said to us passengers that the weather report in Kokoda was poor visibility and the female pilot then decided to abort even taking off and we returned to the APNG hangar. The next morning we flew in to clear skies.
In the times that I have left Kokoda strip, the plane has often banked to the right just after take off, completed a lap of the Kokoda Station and then headed up the Eora Creek Gorge and through Kokoda Gap.
My impression is that Ms Moala may have decided to abort landing at Kokoda and then headed straight up the Eora Creek. Perhaps the chap on board who had completed the Kokoda track on 2 previous times may have said something to her through the door which may have made her think that she still had time to swing around to the right and try another attempt at landing. Just that the mountain was in the way.
There is little chance that we will ever find out what caused this flight to go down; I don't see your commentary based on sex can help anything Terry. Poor form.

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