Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Article on Papua New Guinea leadership

Born to be free of anxiety and fear

By James Wanjik

God is life. God is truth. God is way. Those are the truth of God. In truth no mortal can claim to possess truth. Truth is a word steeped in the power of Word of God. No person can tamper with truth for it is immortal.

When Bal thought he was invincible God showed him how naive he was. When Nebuchadnezzar thought he was immortal God pushed him down and out. There are many instances in the Holy Bible especially in the Old Testament about the activism of God.

No superstition, sorcery, or witchcraft equates with Word of God. This truth will set our people free from their fear and anxiety.

Politics of PNG is steeped in fear and anxiety. So are our leaders and their advisers. Living in fear, leaders lead in fear. Living in anxiety, leaders only want power of position. Power politics has its root in fear and anxiety.

True leader is Jesus Christ. He overcame fear and anxiety. When the spirit of death tormented him Jesus Christ waited on God Father. Leaders of PNG can break free from their bondage of fear and anxiety. Leaders will find the way if they have the will. Will to be free of fear and anxiety.

More and more people are making same observations about our leaders. The common thread is leaders are selfish. Selfishness is another characteristic of the spirit of death.

Again Jesus Christ shows the best example yet of selflessness. No person can claim to be selfless exactly in the same way as Jesus Christ. But we can aspire to be selfless if we have the will. This is the power of free will and choice.

Power of free will and choice is a gift from God. Only the God of Life is free to give freely. To those this privilege has been given much is expected.

Time of lame excuse of leaders is not there anymore. It would not be taken at face value. People are increasingly restless. Such people will move without much analysis of circumstance or situation.

Playing on emotions is very unbecoming of leaders. Lot of emotive statements were made by leaders in the last week of this month. No worthy leader would want anarchy and mayhem. That would be unfortunate.

Anarchy and mayhem is the way of the spirit of death. So is where PNG is heading right now.

New way of development thinking is required to turn PNG back to journey of life. People must be reason and passion of leadership. God showed us the way by giving us Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was sent to show us the way to God Father in Him and through Him. That is the truth.

No new ideas are taken to be important by the present national leadership on both divides of National Parliament. Taking time to discern this would demonstrate leaders’ vision. Again leaders are fearful of upsetting the usual. Usual way is the way of fear and anxiety. It is the way of spirit of death.

Leaders are to lead without fear or favour. Truth is any leader who is in fear will be anxious. Fear and anxiety are terrible twins the spirit of death use to torment and imprison a mortal from being free.

We are born to be free. Freedom from fear and anxiety. Only thing is us. We have the free will to choose to be free or remain in bondage of fear and anxiety.

To God be all glory and praise.


9 August 2009

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