Thursday, August 13, 2009

We need a voice


There have been countless number of calls from the Opposition, NGOs and unions for the National Alliance-led government to step down. 


Is this not a cause for concern by the current political leadership? 


Whose voice can the leaders hear? 


The Ombudsman Commission has been rendered toothless? 


 The Supreme Court? 


 Some areas of the judicial have been ineffective.


Parliament and the Speaker have been almost hijacked by the butt of a cheque leaf. Who knows what the amount may be?


Who next would be the voice for the NA led leadership to listen to? 


Where is the effective voice of the masses of the population, when the Police Commissioner puts stop to any form or size of protest or rally nation wide? 


 Why the suppression tactic?


Whose interest is the Commissioner covering? 


 Where is the democracy and the freedom and the right to expression by the people?


Our nation needs a voice so badly, apart from the media, is there not a cause for concern?


Only God can raise up a man with a voice that can make a difference.


Bapa Bomoteng





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