Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Soul Mate

Twinkle in my eye,

Heart skips a beat,

I Smile from within

My Laughter echoes

The joy I have since we crossed paths.


I see you in my sleep

Even when I am very awake.

The very thought of you

Makes me smile all over.


I anxiously await you,

For our quality time however brief

Attaches an ounce, I so very much

am yearning for.


Our conversations,

A window to my soul

And yet a very down trodden glimpse

Of my inner being.


I have in you;

My shoulder to cry on

Warmth for shelter,

A reason to smile.

You don’t need to say or do more

You are my soul mate.




  1. Wow, what a tough moment in your life Malum; to us readers of your blog we still see the love you have for Hula yet this new soul mate obviously has warm and caring emotions for you. A big decision which would/could influence your children is imminent.

    Take care Malum and walk this road with thought.


  2. Thnaks for the thought Steve. My children are first and foremost in my life, not any woman. He, he, he. Cheerio and do keep in touch.


  3. Kudos for you Malum! You sound like a great dad. Nice one Malum.