Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Manufacturing sector in Papua New Guinea moves forward

Papua New Guinea Manufacturers Council

The manufacturing sector in Papua New Guinea continues to strive forward making valuable contributions to the ongoing socio-economic development of Papua New Guinea and the private sector growth. 
Major reform initiatives such as SME policies, tariff reforms reviews and regional agreements have assisted in the expansion of the Manufacturing sector in PNG and continues to offer the opportunity to replace imports of consumer goods and services. 
The recent signing of the interim Agreement with the European Union paves the way for opportunities to export product to the EU states, quota and duty free.
The Manufacturers Council is a non-government organisation, which was formed in 1991, to promote the Manufacturing and downstream processing sector within PNG. 
The Council provides a wide range of services and assistance to existing and potential manufacturers in the country and sees its role towards its Members as threefold: Promotion, Assistance, and Information. 
The Council also provides an input conduit between the private and public sector.
The Council works closely across business sectors and government to promote and strengthen manufacturing industries in PNG. 
The Council influences change through its work in state economic committees such as the Impediments to Business and Investment Committee and National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology, WTO and various ICCC sub-committees.
Whilst maintenance of public infrastructure (roads, power and telecommunications supply) law and order and the increased cost of input materials (generally as flow-on impacts from high oil prices to the ongoing drought in Australia, and regional exchange rate movements) continues to place additional constraints on PNG Manufacturers, they continue to supply markets and capture new ones.
PNG is a developing economy and is growing at a steady rate, supported by the resource sector (such as mining, oil and gas).
 Despite growth constraints PNG Manufacturers have continued to improve export opportunities and grow at an average rate of 6.5% per annum over the last 10 years. 
The manufacturing sector has continued to employ approximately 25% of the private sector formal workforce in.
PNG’s export strength lies in our ability to competitively convert home grown raw materials into finished products (competitively meaning, to be able to produce a like good or product for less than our competitors).
 The Council is committed to ensuring its members obtain the maximum tariff exemptions on goods and material imported into the country, for genuine manufacturing purposes. 
This is seen as being of enormous benefit, not only to the manufacturing industrial sector, and equally important, to all consumers of PNG-MADE products.
 In addition, the Council deals with other private sector organisations, in negotiating prices for the industry, in the supply of goods and services.
The Council works towards improving the standard of products made in Papua New Guinea.
The PNG-MADE logo was launched in the 1990’s, to promote PNG-MADE goods in the local and export markets.
The logo was established in order that these products are competitive and that there be instilled in all citizens, a sense of pride to see the words MADE IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA, on items for sale throughout this Nation.
For further information on becoming a member of the Manufacturers Council of Papua New Guinea, contact the Chief Executive Officer on (675) 321 7143.

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