Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chinese immigrant found guilty by court

Controversial Chinese immigrant Gu Kai was found guilty by the Boroko District Court last week for illegally working in the country without a valid work permit.
Gu Kai was ordered by Boroko district Court Magistrate Paul Beeu to pay a fine of K5, 000 and was ordered to leave the country within 14 days.
Assistant Commissioner of Crimes Raphael Huafolo said Gu Kai was employed as an accountant by a company owned by a former Gulf province politician at the time of his arrest, prosecution and conviction.
He appeared in the Boroko District Court today for another charge of breaching PNG Immigration laws but the matter was adjourned to February 24.
 ACP Huafolo commended government officers from the department of Foreign Affairs and Labour who assisted police to prosecute Gu Kai in court.
Mr Huafolo said persistency and collaboration involving all relevant line agencies resulted in Gu Kai’s conviction.
He said the operation and Gu Kai’s conviction showed that all line government agencies are working vigorously in harmony to protect the country from being exploited by illegal immigrants.
Gu Kai was arrested in 2002 after failing to produce a valid PNG passport and work permit but the case was struck out in court by his lawyer.
He was hired on numerous occasions as interpreter by various Chinese illegal immigrants until he was rearrested in December 2008.
In another related investigation, ACP Huafolo said detectives have now obtained a letter purportedly written by a national lawyer representing Gu Kai and addressed to the Prime Minister on January 28 containing grossly defamatory and false information about certain people including a police officer attached to the Crimes Directorate.
We are investigating this matter and once we confirm the source of the letter, the persons responsible for spreading false rumours will be arrested and prosecuted in accordance with the law.  
Raphael Huafolo
Assistant Commissioner Crimes
Police Headquarters


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