Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vital to conduct sorcery awareness

By PS TOKO, Madang


Sorcery-related killings are on the rise, especially in the Highlands provinces, and I believe that is just the beginning.

Since the turn of this century, many great people have died.

Somehow, their deaths were linked to sorcery.

People are fed up with sorcery and were now taking a bold stand to torture and kill sorcerers.

Such unjustified killings must be condemned.

The Government is taking the right approach to stop sorcery-related killings.

But, what if such claims are true?

We must be aware that sorcery is related to spiritualism.

How can you prove that the sorcerer is the murderer and is responsible for the killing?

Sorcery is associated with supernatural powers and spiritual things cannot be discerned with physical things.

Even doctors cannot explain the cause of it medically and scientifically.

On the other hand, steps must be taken to eradicate glasman as they are bogus.

These people are responsible for the deaths of many innocent people.

The law must be tough on these people.

Papua New Guineans must understand that sorcery was part of our culture.

It was there before our forefathers came into contact with the Western culture.

It was only used when needed, especially on their enemies.

But as the Western culture made its presence felt, so did wealth and transport system, leading to a widespread practice of sorcery because it was one of the fastest and easiest ways to make a fortune.

Unfortunately, many people were now taking the opportunity to kill others under the guise of sorcery.

As such, apart from the judicial system, the Government must also use education and religion to break down sorcery.

Awareness programmes must be conducted immediately in the Highlands provinces.

As sorcery is ingrained in our culture, it will take time to change the people’s beliefs, but I believe it can be done.

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