Thursday, February 12, 2009

A thought for Valentine's Day


Morning All,

What is it with women's magazines that they always have to publish some article about how to keep track of the man?

For instance, In the Post Courier's New Age Woman today there is an article about how to 'See if your man is cheating you'. What the author of the article perhaps doesn't realise is that women who live in safe and secure relationships with a man who loves them dearly will read this story and, voila, the first seeds of doubt will be planted in their heads.

After reading the article, the woman, who suddenly feels very insecure because of what she has just read, will start to observe her partner, who oblivious to the 'cheaters' advice in the magazine, greets his wife with a kiss and a warm hug, then goes about his business of helping/playing with the children, helping with the dishes, etc, while the woman watches, like a hawk, with a calm but very suspicious eye.

Over the course of time, the poor man does something that causes the woman to believe that he is, yes, really, really, cheating, when he suddenly becomes withdrawn and distant, all because that particular day he privately mourned the loss of his favourite NRL team!

So the arguments start, the furniture gets broken as the war rages, the love nest, their home, becomes a battleground, the children are neglected, the neighbours gossip, etc, etc, etc ... and all because of a silly article in a magazine!

Is it any wonder that there is so much misery and heartache in relationships today because of SUSPICION of cheating when the aggrieved party (i.e. the woman) has really no need to feel threatened at all?

Where have trust, loyalty and faith gone these days? We seem so keen on looking for fault in each other rather than being thankful for what our partner contributes to the relationship.

An interesting article by NAW and great timing too, don't you think?

Right on the eve of Valentines Day, a day when couples should be relaxed and joyous as they celebrate the warmth and clarity of their love – not being suspicious of each other.



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