Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where to from here?

From PAUL OATES  in Queensland, Australia

Hi Malum,
Compliments on a good report on your blog today about what Sir Julius' said in his speech. Together with the Governor General and many other intelligent PNG people today, they have finally had the guts to enunciate how it really is.
The answer however is not to keep saying what everyone knows is the problem.
The real question is why no one appears able to do something about the problem?
Where is Governor Wenge who trumpeted how smart he was to effectively send the Australian Police support packing?
Where is the Deputy PM? Drinking champagne at the arrival of a luxury private jet?
Where is PM (Empty Promises) Somare when innocent little children in the Highlands are being chopped to pieces with axes and women raped and men shot at illegal road blocks?
No one seems to be able to get their head around reality. It appears that no one can apparently grasp that PNG is no longer governed. Those who believe they are governing the country are actually living in a fantasy world of their own making.
Reality is that PNG has reached that point where the country is unable to be governed in many places. Hitherto, anyone saying this would be castigated and denounced as being ill-informed and unduly negative. Those claims must
now be seen for what they are: An 'Empty' excuse from those who are responsible to try and divert attention away from the mess they have created. Those responsible for PNG woes clearly do not know how to fix the problem. Buying political favours at K2m each member will not prevent the lawlessness from growing. PNG leaders are leading the way but it clearly isn't in the right direction. Corruption and waste are now so rampant that no one seems to know where ethical behaviour ends and corruption begins.
With the PNG Parliament now not meeting again until March 2010, the country has another four months to slide further into the morass without any
competent leadership. If the messages currently rocketing around PNG about burning Asian businesses on New Years Eve actually eventuate, exactly what will the PNG government do about this threat to law and order? Ask Australia to send another RAMSI force? I don't think so.
Wantok, husat inap long stretim displa hevi?


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