Friday, November 06, 2009

Leader and great leader


I am a keen follower of leadership debates and discussions in Papua New Guinea and do hope and pray that leaders will rise to great leaders.

In the last few months a deputy leader of a political party got deposed by a Court of Disputed Return for election fraud committed by election officials.

Now the same leader is duped as a great leader. Then a comparison is made with other past leaders of a region.

However, no criteria are set out for any meaningful comparison.

I have assisted the people of Wosera in East Sepik Province to look at quality leadership.

Here are 10 criteria for determining great leader.

1. Visionary

To be able to see into the future where and what Wosera people would be.

2. Charisma

To be able to draw Wosera people to the vision.

3. Servant hood

To be of service to the Wosera people.

4. Trustworthy

To lead with word and action.

5. Humble

To walk humbly with God and lovingly serve Wosera people.

6. Knowledgeable in government and politics of development

For removing obstacles know workings of government and policies and programs of government.

7. Wisdom of value-based leadership

Christian values and noble customs well understood and made part of life.

8. Noticeable role model

Inspire and enlist Wosera people to serve people.

9. Power of speech and word of wisdom

Oratory and wise use of language that captivates and motivates people for service.

10. People-centred development leader

Promoter of people as source, means, and end of development.

People have their own criteria.

Politics of popularity is not a criterion for a great leader. Model leader of all great leaders is Jesus Christ. He had lot of faith in His Father God and His greatness came from God. Great leaders are servants of their people.

Unfortunately PNG leaders are too egoistic. It is not a characteristic of leadership greatness.

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