Monday, November 02, 2009

University of Goroka addressing Outcome Based Education through workshops

Caption: Curriculum & Instruction staff from UOG participating in a group work session with volunteer staff member and workshop co-facilitator Mr Don Herron at the workshop held last Friday (30th October 2009).-Picture by KATE GUNN


By KATE GUNN of University of Goroka

The University of Goroka (UOG) is on track to addressing the government’s plan for Outcomes Based Education (OBE) in Papua New Guinea.

 In a series of workshops conducted by the Curriculum and Teaching Department of the Education Faculty, academic staff are actively producing a roadmap to guide and improve teacher training at the UOG, based on the OBE approach to education.

Curriculum and Instruction lecturers at UOG have participated in two workshops so far aimed at producing “competent, knowledgeable and quality teacher graduates” as stated by the Vision of the University. 

This is ultimately aimed at the development of a common curriculum to be taught to UOG students so that they may reflect the OBE approach when teaching out in the field. 

This will be comprised of the planning, organisation, programming and assessment on curriculum in all subjects in schools. 

This will be achieved through specific outcomes-based units and topics, along with assessment and teaching also being outcomes-based.

Teaching skills and methods such as peer group teaching, micro teaching and teaching practice will also influence the desired outcomes. 

This is ultimately to build skills and knowledge through experience before teaching OBE to students of UOG. 

Sessions of the first workshop held on Friday 23rd October 2009 covered topics such as what is outcome based education; international perspectives of OBE; planning with outcomes; assessing with outcomes in a comprehensive introduction for curriculum and instruction lecturers to acquaint them with the OBE approach to education.

 In opening the workshop the Vice Chancellor of the University of Goroka Dr Gairo Onagi stated: “UOG is passionate about curriculum and instruction…and teaching students to teach well.”

  Dr Onagi also encouraged staff to lift their game and not relegate curriculum and instruction duties to junior staff, for the best delivery to UOG students.

In the second consecutive workshop held on Friday 30th October 2009, UOG staff worked to identify common areas to teach students via different strands for the common curriculum.

 Staff also examined and discussed the teaching skills and methods which factor in OBE as a scaffold to classroom practice. 

This was to “make sure there’s integration and connection” said Mr Teng Waninga Head of Department and lecturer in the Curriculum and Teaching Department of UOG and co-facilitator of the workshops with volunteer staff member Mr Don Herron also of the same department of the Education Faculty. 

The workshop also included staff doing group work where they had discussions to identify the qualities and outcomes of UOG graduates taught the OBE approach.

The third and final workshop is planned for the near future. 

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