Friday, November 06, 2009

Anatomy of politics of Sepik

By James Wanjik, Fellow Sepik of Wosera, PNG

SEPIK covers East and West in the North West of Papua New Guinea (PNG). Known business centres are Wewak, Vanimo, Maprik, Aitape, Angoram, Ambunti, Lumi and Nuku. There are number of districts without physical or functional business centres.

PNG is now 34 years old as a nation. Many areas are progressing well even at a small scale. The Sepik is still powerless and helpless.

Toll on people is attributed to stuff up of our leaders. Leaders are working for their popularity more than they are for people and their needs.

No Sepik leader has ever got leaders of the Sepik Provinces to work together. Somare and Pangu Pati tried in the 1970s and the 1980s with some success. Parties which made inroads were United Pati, People’s Democratic Movement, Melanesian Alliance, and most recently People’s National Congress, People’s Action Party and National Alliance.

District that saved the Sepik from the law of ‘group think’ is Wosera Gawi. Though there were incidences of departure from the ‘group think’ in other districts Wosera Gawi made the break since 1985. Wosera Gawi has experience it must share with other districts.

The wall that politics of divide and rule put up since PNG’s independence on 16 September 1975 has been exposed. Very law of ‘group think’ is not a criterion for leadership in Wosera Gawi any more.

Landing the prize for carrying and scurrying for leader and father of the nation Wosera people in particular will share experience. Domestic issues in home province of leader will lead leaders to see how greedy Sepik leaders were.

Lot of leaders are lost and confused because they are ‘group think’ mindset.

Knowing leader and using sudden and abrupt power and arrogance of leadership leaders think that they have power. Arrogance is not a criterion for true leadership. It contrasts with humility as virtue.

Leader claiming to be god is landing credence to new leadership in the horizon.

People of Sepik will have new leaders in 2012. These leaders will work together for Sepik and PNG people.

Now people are restless. They are living in fear and anxiety. Leader of today has made the people feel powerless and hopeless without this leader. Such is the result of ‘group think’.

So we see rushing, pushing and shoving of projects in the two Sepik Provinces in the twilight years of the leader.

National Alliance Government is weak without Somare. This is evident in no heir apparent.

The danger for the people of Sepik is to follow their leaders to think that another National Alliance Government will arise. It’s time had expired.

Desperation tactics we have seen. It will get worse. Leaders want power for selfish ends. Our people must be aware of same old tactics.

In 2012 people of Sepik will share their experience with people of PNG.

Long live PNG.

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