Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sir Mekere questions Prime Minister on corruption

From David Ulg Ketepa in Detroit, Michigan, USA

While many do not agree with me that we are heading out to become a police state under National Alliance, I strongly feel that we are shifting to that direction and I am afraid it will become soon. National Alliance now has the mandate and has the power to size government and bulldoze drastic changes which will see our freedom taken away from us.
The gun culture is now making Papua New Guinea another African state heading for disaster. The country population has tripled since the nineties, infant mortality is at its peak, TB and malaria among curable diseases is killing thousands every year, and what are the politicians doing about it? Nothing absolutely nothing.
I look at the current band of politicians and I don’t see anyone capable of standing out amongst the Third World as a person to be reckoned. Our political history is tainted with so much dirt; it’s tainted by people who have become rich overnight after plundering all the natural resources which would have put us on par with countries like Singapore and Malaysia.
These countries were born around the same time Papua New Guinea got self-government and they are now controlling all the major trade and economies in our region. While we are still scratching around the surfaces fighting for scraps, our own in-fighting is killing the hope of progress.
We forget the fact that MPs or members of Parliament are there now to make Laws. For Somare's terms in office, can someone list me the laws that were passed by him? Or under his leadership? We know this from high school social science that legislators make laws, which laws have NA under Somare's leadership pass to protect the continual plunder, rape, and stealing of our natural resources? What are the laws being passed to date to address corruption and the culture of greed and lust for power?
And the questions go on and on... Somare is cunningly manipulating our system to extend his empire and that of his cohorts and somebody has got to stand up to fight for the best interest of the majority of our people. He will do anything to cling onto power, even to places like Kandep to campaign for Polye. No gat sem blo em!

Detroit, Michigan

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