Sunday, November 08, 2009

Work set to start at Sepik Central Campus

By UNRE Public Relations

EDUCATED Papua New Guineans must take the lead in ensuring that basic and essential services reach their fellow countrymen and women.

PNG University of Natural Resources & Environment (UNRE) Vice Chancellor Prof Philip Siaguru said this last Friday at the signing of three agreements related to construction work at the former Sepik Agricultural College in Maprik, East Sepik province.

“The Somare-Temu government has time and again proclaimed service delivery to the people,” he said.

“Time and again the beauracracy has not delivered.

“We the educated masses must deliver the service.”

Prof Siaguru said while it was the government’s desire for basic services to reach people, many a times this did not happen and urged those involved with projects undertaken by the university to deliver.

Three contractors signed agreements with UNRE: AP Engineering, the principal contractor will construct new classrooms, dormitories, houses and other buildings; Kemkai Investments Ltd will provide on-site supervision while Island Security Services will provide security back-up.

KCA Associates, who will undertake land demarcation work, are yet to sign their contract.

“The signing today marks a significant historical event for Maprik district and the nation as a whole because another natural resource management facility offering higher education training is being built,” Prof Siaguru said.

“We must all work together as a team of people committed to this nation and this government’s desire to deliver much-needed service to the rural people.”

Phase one of the “Jump-Start Plan” for Sepik Central Campus is set to begin, following this formality. It involves the construction of an administration block, four high-cost houses, student dormitories, messing facilities, clinic, laboratory, a communal Christian centre and sporting facilities.

Other tasks include re-establishment of electricity, water and communication; and appointment of a campus director and station manager.

Prof Siaguru acknowledged that the commencement of the project was made possible by Commerce & Industry Minister and Maprik MP Gabriel Kapris, who facilitated the first- phase funding of K5.6million.

He said it was the government’s desire through Minister Kapris that the nation gained another higher education facility and urged everyone present at the ceremony to work in collaboration with each other to ensure that it was the people of PNG that benefited.

Prof Siaguru added that it was in the best interest of the project if differences and misunderstandings were resolved outside of court.

University registrar Henry Gioven agreed that going to court was not the way to go.

“All players in this development are professional adults,” he said.

“We must not forget that the true achievers in this are the communities and people of Papua New Guinea.” he said.

All three contractors expressed total support for the project and said that the bulk of their general workforce would be recruited from the surrounding communities so that they would take ownership of the campus development and expansion through active participation.

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