Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kerevat gets a new lease on life

Captions: 1. New water supply (right) at the female dormitories 2. Project signboard at Kerevat National High School 3. One of the 12 dormitories that was builtproject manager Stefan Segecic and construction manager Mathias Bo 4. One of the completely rundown classrooms at Kerevat 5. Project office at Kerevat 6. Kerevat National High School signboard


Rundown Kerevat National High School in the East New Britain province is getting a new lease on life.

The once-derelict dormitories are being renovated at a cost of K6 million from Rehabilitation of Education Sector Infrastructure (RESI) funding from the national government.

Twelve dormitories for both male and female students are being built by local company SWT Construction.

However, same cannot be said of the classrooms, which are completely rundown and are shocking skeletons of their former self.

 I was given a guided tour of the new-look Kerevat by project manager Stefan Segecic and construction manager Mathias Bo on Sunday.

“We want to bring the dormitories to the state they were in when they were new,” Mr Segecic said.

“We started work at the end of last year and expect to finish before Christmas, so the dormitories will be ready for school year 2010.

“We did everything without interference of the work of the students.”

SWT Construction is also filling in brand-new electrical fittings and bringing in new water supply to the dormitories.”

Company owner Eremas Wartoto said he was hoping to get a variation to the existing contract with the national government so his company could also work on the classrooms.

“We are looking at the government to make an extension to the contract so we can also work on the classrooms,” he said.

“We’ve already got all the necessary materials to build the classrooms, but we’re waiting for a variation to the existing contract so that we can finalise the classrooms as well before the start of school year 2010.”


  1. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Great stuff happening in East New Britain! I am always glad to hear that most of the news that comes out of ENB is of positive development and progress. Though some news is negative and tarnishes the good name of the province and its people. I believe ENB is living up to its aim of being a model province for PNG. I salute the Provincial leaders and administration who continually advocate for a harmonious and collaborative relationship among themselves to advance the province and its people!

    Mangi Tolai

  2. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Cewrtainly a lot of positive development out of East New Britain, with Kokopo arguably the fastest-growing town in Papua New Guinea right now. More power to ENB! I'm looking at travelling there again next month.