Monday, April 27, 2009

Bulolo presents infrastructure development proposal

A backhoe works on diverting the course of the flooded Kumalu River as traffic and people line up both sides of the river. Picture by Bulolo MP SAM BASIL
A backhoe works on diverting the course of the notorious Kumalu River at the weekend. Picture by Bulolo MP SAM BASIL

Bulolo district in Morobe province has put forward a proposal to works secretary Joel Luma and Momase regional works manager Brian Alois for development of infrastructure, including the much talked about K27 million bypass over the notorious Kumalu River.
Meantime, flood waters continued to wreack havoc over the Kumulu at the weekend.
Bulolo MP Sam Basil said yesterday (Sunday, April 26, 2009) that the proposal was presented to Mr Luma and Mr Alois at works headquarters in Port Moresby last Thursday.
“The proposal will be based on a memorandum of agreement (MOA) to cover a three-year programme with funds contribution from both the National Works Department and Bulolo District joint district planning and budget priorities committee (JDP&BPC) with board members consisting of developers,investors,community representatives,works department representatives, and provincial and district representatives,” he said.
“It is confirmed that K9m from the 2008 supplementary budget was parked in the national works department account in Port Moresby and is available.
“The Bulolo people do not want these monies to be spent on expensive contractors who will use up all the funds and take the district's national highways back to square one, but to invest these funds in a sustainable manner, which will see the purchase, ownership and operations of the equipment by the both district and national works department for the district.
“The MOA will see equipment purchase plus funding for villagers to use manual labour to control the overgrowth of vegetation along the national roads.”
The national highway road sections have been categorised as follows:
Section A - Timini to Bulolo Town (sealed section);
Section B - Bulolo Town to Wau Town (unsealed Section); and
Section C - Bulolo Town to Keto (snsealed section)
“The Bulolo District JDP&BPC will contribute more then K500, 000 per annum from the proceeds as per the MOA with the Morobe provincial government,” Mr Basil said.
“This money will be from Hidden Valley royalties for the joint district and national works national roads maintenance programme for operational expenses.
“The proposed purchases of recommended equipment per the sections, A-C, will see the sealed section having different equipment from the unsealed sections.
“The initial capital plus the three years operational costs will be at K7-8m, while the JDP&BPC contribution will boost the operational component of the programme.
“The Kumalu bypass will be another agenda on its own costing K27m, and the Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare has shown and made his commitment during the Buang visit in February this year.
“This also includes the feasibility study of having the Inter-Island Highway connecting Lae to Port Moresby through the Waria Valley/Tapini connection.”

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