Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today at the farm

Captions: 1. Brushtail 2. Brushtail 3. Galah 4. Galahs feeding 5. Noisy minor
By Paul Oates

We had 6mm of rain recently and the mouse plague has possibly started to abate. Probably drowned a few of them in their holes. I've gone through my third bucket of rat blocks at $60 a pop and the baits still keep disappearing however and there's a strong smell of mice in the shed.

I looked up in the sky yesterday and saw a couple of pelicans circling as they investigated the ever decreasing levels in the local dams. As the water levels go down, the pelicans arrive to find the fish and crayfish easy morsels to catch. They land in the water and circle in the dam and then pounce of what gets swept up in the middle of the whirlpool they create. There mustn't have been much on offer today as they slowly flew away. Not long after the pelicans moved on, a lone wedgetail eagle was seen circling with an eye on what was available in the paddocks. The hares have bred up over the last few moths and at night are scampering everywhere.

I looked out of the window just now and saw a Brushtail possum starting out on his rounds. Some galahs were investigating the 'leftovers' in the cattlepens and a noisy minor kept an eye on me.

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