Saturday, April 18, 2009

Many Papua New Guineans are living below the poverty line


Dear All,

An Australian contracted by National Research Institute to do a population study in Port Moresby in 2007 has redefined poverty.

He mentioned that rural poverty is not equivalent to urban poverty.

The two are distinct and should be looked at separately.

If you live in an urban setting but have no access to basic services such as water, sanitation, telephone, electricity, gas and others, you are in fact living under the poverty line.

In the case of rural poverty, those basic services mentioned for urban poverty are not considered.

Other factors define rural poverty.

Many public servants in Port Moresby who attended the seminar presented by the Australian were surprised to find that most of them were living below the poverty line.

Many of them lived at Kaugere, Sabama, Badilli and Koki, but lacked the basic services provided by National Capital District Commission and Eda Ranu.

In fact most of them were upset because they could not afford to rent decent housing, due to the K7.00 housing allowance given to them.

Deputy Prime Minister Puka Temu has been trying to reason out things with the trade unions about the increase in housing allowance for MPs, and the K128 million jet for Air Niugini.

But the Somare government is keeping quiet, while thousands of public servants living in urban areas live in poverty.

It is not the rural people that are living under the poverty line, but city and town dwellers as well.

Wake up Papua New Guinea.

This country is headed for anarchy!

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