Monday, April 20, 2009

Pacific Freedom Forum Media Alert

Members of PFF Pacific Freedom Forum and PIJO Pacific Islands Journalism Online are urged to sign our petition supporting freedoms of speech in Fiji.


Signing the petition is open to members of the media - and anyone else who supports freedoms of speech in Fiji - a hub for 20 island states and territories across the Pacific.


As announced last week by PFF, the petition "Support Free Speech for a Prosperous Fiji" is aimed at all Pacific Islands leaders, not just those in Fiji.


Signing the petition is a reminder for regional leaders when debating options for the troubled republic - that freedoms of speech are fundamental to futures of any successful society - not an optional extra.




"Information is power. Gagging, censorship and detention of the Fiji news media by the interim regime in Fiji robs all citizens of feedback surrounding debate on national futures; and leaves the leadership itself uninformed about how to best achieve its goals of ending racist laws and corruption."




"We, undersigned, support free speech for a prosperous and free Fiji. We come from all walks of life and all regions of the world to call on Pacific leaders at all levels to stand up for the front-line role of news media when warning of threats to human rights, suggesting options, and negotiating outcomes with peoples of Fiji."








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