Monday, April 27, 2009

Today at the Farm

Autumn arrives
Butcherbird prey
Crested Pidgeon
Echidna's feast
Nagura Burrs
Show group 1
Sunset in our valley
Young heifer
Young Magpie
Young Magpie
From PAUL OATES in Queensland, Australia
Autumn has finally arrived and with it, the leaves are turning colour.
A young Magpie is 'carolling' outside and in the distance, a Pied Butcherbirdgives it melodic call. Aside from the 'hook' on the tip of a Butcherbird'sbeak, this bird gets its name from its habit of 'hanging' its prey up onanything it can a 'hook it' on to.
In this case, some barbed wire for somedung beetles that I didn't quite get in focus.
As I walked around our farm today, I saw where an echidna had had a feast ona white ant's nest. The Guava tree has some ripe fruit on it and the NarrowLeafed Ironbarks are flowering.
I found a few Nagura Burrs around the top dam.
A small herd of our cattle are coming alongwell and we hope they will do well in the local Show.
A Grevillia isflowering near the cattle pens as I fed the young cattle who have just beenbranded. The local birds are coming down to get their share of any spilledgrain as the sun sets on our valley.

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