Monday, April 27, 2009


A beautiful poem written by my good friend, Michelle Evoa, a single mum, as Mother’s Day nears…




Single mum

Just Another woman;

but is a mum and dad.

Parting knowledge and skill

To children, who,

See the world

A better, lovelier place

Because; mummy is my mum,

And mummy is also my daddy.


Single mum,

Struggles and is bolder

For mine close to heart

I provide and protect.

Give my all selflessly

A purpose to my everyday hard toil

For the reward, in the radiant smile

And the embrace of my child

I cannot comprehend.


There is no shame in the role

Forever engraved in my memory,

One I do not have to share.

The joy to watch my child blossom

Moulded by my firmness.


I watch my baby sleep

Listen to a beautiful heart beat

The warmth of this little body

This is the reason why I toil,

I am happy, a Single mum.


Single mum

The Good Lord, knows my path

And is my refuge.

For every mile,

I walked with my Hand in his.           

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