Monday, December 14, 2009

Gunmen wound Papua New Guinea chief ombudsman

Unknown gunmen have shot and wounded Papua New Guinea’s chief ombudsman, Chronox Manek, in what is being described as an assassination attempt outside his Port Moresby home.

The shooting occurred on Friday night and the newspaper, The National, says a bullet went through his shoulder.

Mr Manek says after shooting several times, the gunmen got back in their car and sped off, thinking he was dead.

He says he tried to follow his attackers but, feeling dizzy from loss of blood, he decided to drive to a nearby hospital.

The Police Commissioner Gari Baki says one of his senior officers visited the chief ombudsman in hospital soon after the incident.

Transparency International ranks PNG 151st out of 180 of the most corrupt countries in their annual list.

A host of other government figures, including the prime minister and the treasurer, are currently under investigation by the Ombudsman Commission.

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  1. Wake up and smell the coffee! Chronox Manek should hire a personal body guard.

  2. Em nau. With all those billions in LNG money, there's bound to be a lot more corruption and killings.

  3. Anonymous3:29 AM

    Chronox Manek, The Messenger, knows far too much bout all the stingy, absolutely corrupt 'wheeling and dealing' of the Sepik Mafia operational out of its epic centre - the Haus Tambaran, Waigani.

    Sad but true: It's only time before good men like Chronox Manek, will have to fall prey to raging Sukumondi - Sepik river god!