Monday, December 07, 2009

Leilani of Kavieng

Students at the National Fisheries College in Kavieng, New Ireland province, have a lot of fun while learning on college vessel, ftv Leilani, which takes them out to sea.

Principal Hugh Walton said Leilani was the only boat currently owned and operated by the NFC.

“It’s a training vessel,” he explained.

“It was built about 12-14 years ago in Australia, essentially, its main purpose being a fishing boat.

“It’s meant to trawl and also to troll, and also to longline and work pot with a line handler, as well as fish deep bottom for snapper.

“It’s a general purpose training vessel and multi-purpose vessel.”

Fisheries and marine resources degree and diploma students, basic observer, post-harvest operations and commercial fishing operations benefit from Leilani.

“For students, we use the vessel for a number of purposes such as navigation and seamanship, vessel safety and practical fishing,” Mr Walton said

“We also use Leilani as a base for training and delivery.

“We put a new engine in Leilani last year, so we gave her a new lease on life.”

Mr Walton said the NFC was about to refurbish a pole and line fishing vessel for trawl fishing.


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