Monday, December 14, 2009

PNG Ports Corporation Ltd changes work culture

Caption: PNGPCL CEO Brian Riches speaking at a port managers’ conference in Port Moresby earlier this year.-Picture courtesy of PNGPCL


PNG Ports Corporation Ltd is making significant efforts to change its work culture from that of the public sector to one of the private sector, according to CEO Brian Riches.

“There has been a significant effort by management to shift the PNGPCL work culture away from that of the private sector to one which reflects that of the private sector,” he said in his Christmas message.

“However, management is committed to making the necessary changes to transform the work culture into an environment that reflects a viable and efficient operation, where customer service excellence and productivity are the primary focus of both employees and management alike.

“Making the necessary cultural changes will continue to require the support the human resource department through training, development, coaching and mentoring programmes and the implementation of an effective performance management system.

“This training and development cannot be undertaken in isolation.

“Its success will be dependent upon all levels of management understanding their own capacity requirements.”

PNGPCL is currently one of the largest employers in the commercial sector, currently employing 450 staff, with nine vacancies for contract officers and 268 non-contract officers.

Mr Riches also announced that the Klein System, a port-specific information technology system, was currently being rolled out in Lae and would run for approximately four months in parallel with the current system, before going live.

“It was developed with the intention of interfacing automatically with the PNGPCL’s financial management system and this phase of the project is yet to be finalised,” he said.

“Testing is being undertaken in Port Moresby.”


  1. Very interesting, is this the same Brian Riches at Post PNG? What are some milestones that Brian Riches can highlight to the people of PNG during his tenure at Post PNG?

    And how can he describe his current leadership at PNGPCL?

  2. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Give him a chance to prove himself at PNGPCL. Then we can judge him!

  3. Anonymous12:35 AM

    He's a great leader and manager. One who finally look into employee's life and help sort them out instead of using htem as work-horses only.


    Full Support

  4. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Shame on you Mangi; you must be illiterate or blind; look around and read about stuff he's done.

    Full support Brian