Friday, January 20, 2012

Bonga accepts fist-fight challenge

NAWAE MP Timothy Bonga yesterday accepted a challenge by Kerowagi MP and Defence Minister Guma Wau to a fight, The National reports.
“I will fight him,” Bonga said.
“I will fight him outside parliament any time any day.”
The two men, both towering six-footers, got into a heated exchange on Wednesday when the speaker refused to recognise Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare and ordered him from the chamber of parliament.
As the Somare faction walked up to the speaker’s chair to present a petition to take their rightful place on the government benches as the court-reinstated government, Wau shouted at Bonga: “You are a criminal.”
He threatened to come out and fight Bonga but was restrained by other MPs.
“He is the criminal,” Bonga said yesterday.
“He has criminal charges against him, not me. He has been charged with trying to murder a man.
“But I am not afraid of him. If it is a fight he wants, I will fight him any time outside of parliament.”


  1. Anonymous3:10 PM

    What a pair of idiots..No one in their right mind would describe the outbursts as a leadership quality. They are two of a kind, corrupt leaders stealing from the public purse and living a lifestyle at the cost of little taxpayers. Shame, shame on them.

  2. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Bonga is the richest man from morobe. He is on the pay roll of a so call "investor" from Malaysia who collect revenue froom one important SOS in Port Moresby. The "investor" has recovered it expense in 5 years and the next 15 year until 2018 it will be making profit of which TB is expected to be the 1st "Datuk" in Morobe. Mangi Simbu, yu no fit long Datuk TB.