Monday, January 23, 2012

Court rejects Asian’s request to leave PNG


XUE Zhufu, one of the suspects charged with the attempted assassination of Chinese businessman Jason Tan, has been denied permission to leave the country, The National reports.
He had asked the National Court to leave the country on Jan 25 and return in time for the trial in March. He will now remain in the country until his trial.
His application for bail variation was denied based on insufficient evidence to satisfy the National Court.
He had paid K20,000 to the court registry and K5,000 as commission for bail and forfeited a 20% share from one of his company.
Zhufu filed the application, saying he wanted to seek medical attention and see his wife and child in China, whom he had not seen for the past two years.
Police alleged that on Jan 2, 2010,  Zhufu and Gao Changjiang – from Fujian province in China – in the company of others, drove along Bougainville Crescent, Paga Hill, in downtown Port Moresby, parking about 15-20m from Tan’s home, near the junction of Hayes Street.
They were believed to have been driving in a grey Nissan Sunny sedan, registration BCS 925, at the time.
Tan had left his JMart supermarket at Erima between 5pm and 6pm escorted by his property manager to his home when a gunman, who came out from the left hand side of the road, fired five to six shots at Tan’s vehicle with the intention of killing him, police say.
Tan was shot on his right hand.
The escort vehicle tried to run over the gunman to stop the attack but he jumped to the side, ran to the waiting vehicle and drove off.

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