Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yakasa, lawyer to be arrested

Police have been ordered to arrest Somare-appointed acting Police Commissioner Fred Yakasa and his lawyer for alleged bribery, the Sunday Chronicle reports.
This comes as Justice Cathy Davani last Friday deferred the case again to tomorrow.
In a new twist to the Yakaka-Tom Kulunga tussle over the Police Commissioner’s post, new commander of NCD/Central province Francis Tokura has issued orders for the arrest of Yakasa, his lawyer David Donatona and a police officer for alleged bribery.
In a prepared statement yesterday, Tokura said a report had been filed early this week which claims that Yakasa, who has a case pending before the National Court in Waigani challenging Kulunga to determine his legitimacy as duly-appointed Police Commissioner by the Somare regime, his lawyer and another officer have been reported to have used a substantial amount of money to have a consent order signed to declare Yakasa as duly-appointed acting Police Commissioner.
“These allegations are serious and criminal in nature, and therefore, it was necessary for me to direct criminal investigators and two sections of Mobile Squad 7 to immediately arrest Mr Yakasa and Mr Dotaona so they can be conveyed to Assistant Commissioner Crimes to be interviewed and ultimately charged if the outcome of the interview warranted such actions to be taken,” he said.

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  1. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I think the whole saga has been politicized!!