Friday, January 27, 2012

Colonel Yaura Sasa a "one hit wonder"

After yesterday's "One-Day Wonder" petering out to a low key whimper by the end of the day...many people with good intentions have since asked me for my thoughts on this whole fiasco.

I told them it was most unfortunate that we had to come to this. 

But before any self-righteous Christians amongst us cast the first stone at former retired colonel Yaura Sasa, let me say that he did have noble intentions.
But the former soldier went about resolving the current political impasse, the wrong way.

Many of you reading this have been avid critics of the government recently by complaining on FB that we should all times, safeguard our constitution and judiaciary. 

Well believe it or not, that's what Yaura Sasa was in his 'misguided way' trying to do too, but did not succeed for many reasons. 

The reasons are many, and I will not go into them here. 

So I wanted to pen a good 25 word piece (a 30 second read) this morning, but our FB blogger Osborne Sanida beat me to it by summing up this whole thing very well. 

So here is what he says as my "comment of the day" today.

"The Col may have good intentions, but obviously the method used to try to achieve those intentions was clearly illega
l. Using an illegal means to try solve an alleged illegal action doesn't make sense. "2 wrongs don't make a right"'.

Well said Osborne ...and that's what I would tell anyone thinking of doing something similar in future - PLEASE DON'T TRY IT!

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