Sunday, January 15, 2012

Manus MPs asked to provide proper boat facilities

The two Manus MPs have been challenged to provide proper boat stop facilities for the people of outer islands of Manus.
A concern Lou islander and TV producer, Reuben Pokanau, said this after the New Year’s Eve boat incident which saw three lives lost. 
Reuben Pokanau

“Loniu Bridge, on Los Negros Island, is used by the south coast sea travellers but does not have any proper shelter, sanitation and water supply for the growing population,” he said.
“ Twenty thousand people, just under half the population of Manus,  live on the south coast of Manus province which includes the Islands of Rambutso, Lou, Baluan, Pam, M’Buke, and coastal areas of West Point,Timonai,Werei,Pere,M’Bunai and Lawes.
“Manus, as a maritime province, has more people living in the coastal areas and smaller atolls who commute by sea to seek government services and conduct business in Lorengau on a daily basis but our elected leaders and provincial government turn a blind eye to providing the basic infrastructure.
“Are we not citizens of this province?
“There have been a lot of unreported incidents at sea and we cannot continue to face this dilemma every day.”
Pokanau said he had already talked with Manus Open MP and Fisheries Minister, Job Pomat, about negotiating with Loniu landowners to build proper transit facilities last year but nothing had eventuated to date.
He said North Coast sea travellers should also have such facilities.

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